Being Human Being

The human race unites the best and the worst within itself. We feel deep love, can sacrifice our lives to save others, while we are able to kill out of greed, jealousy, or even pure malice.
We can hurt and mistreat the ones we are supposed to protect and love, out of frustration, but are able to have deep bonds of friendship and joy.
We mourn about the death of our beloved ones, we cherish life, but often destroy the life and happiness around us by mobbing.
We are sensitive caring creatures but full of Aggression. We create, have wisdom, but destroy and hate. We inspire and understand each other, but discriminate, betray and despise.
We are proud to be individuals, but follow any trend. We want to have our own opinion but follow the majority. We want to stand out, but feel comfortable to be the same. We say we love freedom, but try to control others.

Being human being

Repetoire -レパートリー-


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