Japan premiere – 日本初演 –

At some point in time, all of us were in search of a path which we know is good and the right But nevertheless: we humans tend to drift away from this path. And we do that whilst we are fully aware of what we’re doing and for our best interest. We get distracted from the essential thing, seduced from the supposed better, more beautiful… Like the saying with the donkey, who repeatedly believes, that the grass on the other side of the river is more green and therefore tastes better. In Misalignment – mislead or deranged – I explore a very human dilemma, which everyone of us knows: the quarrel with oneself, to recognise the right thing but choose the wrong one. In my piece, one fate of interpersonal relationships merges into the next. A emotional cycle of hope, longing, power, seduction, disappointment and the desire for love. A cycle, which never ends, because „Misalignment“ – the wrong direction is omnipresent: as an instinctive desire to arrive, which however does not find fulfillment. Because we somehow do not want to succeed by following the right path that we actually have firmly before our eyes in a straightforward manner.

Repetoire -レパートリー-


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