Ripple spreads

Throughout history, it has always been those who think differently, those who swim against the tide, those who stand out, those who have advanced social development, innovation in science and culture.
And yet, although this is an unmistakable fact, these kinds of people were and still are marginalised, bullied, ridiculed, discriminated against and misunderstood.
Even in the darkest moments of our human history, there were efforts to make all people equal. How disheartening and, above all, how dull and dedicated to stagnation would our world become?
Do such tendencies perhaps still exist today?
The play “Ripple Spreads” deals with the sad phenomenon of bullying, which extends from childhood into professional life. The principle of action and reaction spreads like ripples in the hope that in the end this principle can also be turned to the positive.

Ripple Spreads

Repetoire -レパートリー-


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